Out Of The Ash

Well, I’ve been working and re-working this blog for awhile now and I figured, finished or not, I need to add an actual post! This will continue to be a work in progress so I may as well jump in head first, right? I usually want something complete and perfect before the big reveal which generally means I get very little actually accomplished. So, what do you think? Is it too pink?

It was a lovely day all around. I somehow managed to pull Christmas out of the air, considering I tend to wait until the very last minute to get stuff done. I was watching all around me as other folks were cleaning, baking, creating up a storm days and weeks before the day. Meanwhile, I was looking around at my messy kitchen, unvaccuumed floor, and undecorated house, all knowing I had a big dinner to cook for house full of guests coming up really fast. Maybe someday I’ll manage to create the fairy tale Christmas morning and dinner I always picture. This year, I’m just happy I managed to get some lights up!

My daughter and I went to some vintage shops today doing some last minute holiday shopping. Shipwreck is my favorite and can be found in Eureka Ca. in Old Town. There you’ll find all kinds of vintage treasures, clothing and an entire section dedicated to knitting and yarns. On top of a great selection, their prices are hard to beat. This is my daughter sampling the inventory.

These are my two favorite windows in my home. The first is my kitchen window. I’ve been practicing a monologue for   an upcoming audition while doing dishes. That’s what my virgo boyfriend likes to call stacking functions. The second is the view to my back deck. We actually do get some pretty fall colors on our lovely cherry blossom tree. It offers spectacular white blossoms in spring.